Monday, January 26, 2009

Rachel Blogs!

OK, OK... I have been here for how long? And I have never done a blog. I admit to not being very good at them. Though I do OK at Facebook, so look me up if you really want in on my personal details. It is thrilling stuff.

Sundance 2009 was great. This was my 8th year, I think. I have been quite a few times... I actually won a trip in 1997 while I was in college. To be honest, I kinda cheated by stealing all the entry forms and having parties for people to help me fill them out. But it worked, so no guilt. Then I volunteered several years. I was lucky to go with Austin Film Society and Austin Studios for marketing as well. But I think I enjoyed going with Aurora the most because it was not only about spreading the love of Aurora, but also about seeking out ideas for programs. I think that the short films and the documentaries are what make film festivals special, especially when you are in a big festival where narratives will likely be picked up and distributed.

For me, the documentary shorts were the most memorable. But it was also our first screening, with all the Aurora ladies together (Mary Magsamen, our new Curator, and Sorcha, our esteemed board member) AND it was at the Egyptian... which is really the iconic venue located on the Main Street.

My next favorite was THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD, which will likely get exhibition nationally as it was so entertaining. Go see it. Join the Yes Men website too.

There were other films, though I walked away not seeing as many as I would like. I look forward to either bringing them in through Aurora or other organizations in Houston.

Outside of films, I loved the Austin Film Society party where I got to see familiar faces and celebrate some Texas films. We hope to bring some of them to Aurora.

I did notice that I am older and can not see as many films as I did in 1997 where I would totally wear myself out, but I enjoyed myself.

A special thank you to Winsie Tow and the Sundance Filmmaker Lodge for allowing us to come and spread the Aurora word. We even met people from Houston there! Wild.

Anyhow, I still have lots of laundry to do and all kinds of catching up, but I definitely think film lovers should experience Sundance or any other major film festival in their lifetime. Inspiring and fun!

All the best from a tired Aurora Fan,


Aurora at Sundance Film Festival

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fundance with Aurora at the Filmmaker's Lodge

Here we are at the Filmmaker's Lodge telling everyone how great Aurora is and giving away stuff.

Fundance with Aurora day 2

Rachel and Sorcha at the New Frontier area playing with an interactive piece about feelings.

Mary and Rachel in front of the Egyptian theater.

Fundance with Aurora

We arrived at Sundance!  Here is Rachel and Sorcha on the bus going to a theater!