Monday, December 14, 2009

Rich in Love

While Aurora's recent burglaries at our Library location have left us poor in equipment, it has reminded us just how rich we are in LOVE. Love from Aurora patrons, fans, tweeters and facebookers. We wanted to thank all of those people who have stepped forward in one form or another to support Aurora since the burglaries.

Thank you to the following Aurora supporters:

David Brown & Christa Forster, Dan O'Shea, Lillian & Bob Warren, Chris Wilcha, Andrew Lampert, Marisa Avelar & Scott Howard, Emily Todd, Fumiko Chino, Marcy & Douglas Newman, Sorcha Landau, Molly Gochman, Gabriela Trzebinski & Carlisle Vandervoort, Gina & Major Miller, Martha & Richard Finger, Steve Seid, Nicole Laurent & Joey Romano, Joe Cooper, Laura Harrison, Joanna Spitzner, Caroline Gallay, Kelly Sears, Julie Shapiro, Casey Williams, Jenny Stark, Josephine Grover, Joanna Grover-Watson, Patrick Brooks, Emily Sloan, Michelle Engelman Berns, Monica Kressman, Lucy Anderson,, Jenni Stephenson, Cathy Power, Sara Cotner, Jordan Biren, Roxanne Claire, Hazuki Chino, Chris Wilcha, Paul and Elizabeth Nelson, Steve Seid, Michael Zilkha and Helen Fosdick, Frances Miller, AE Broyles Breier, Leigh Smith, Dmitry Bazykin, Kathryn Blackney, Donna Blackney, Richard Blackney, Leigh Molano, Judy Golden, Heather Harvey, Clemencia Reyes

And thank you to Aurora members:

Elizabeth Abraham, Sam Ackerman, Alex & Mark Adshead, Surain Adyanthaya, Lisa Albracht, Ana Maria Alvarez, Anne Amis, M. Lucille Anderson, Cameron Armstrong, Bill Arning, Marisa Avelar, Marilynn Barber, Regine Basha, Enid Baxter Blader, Dmitry Bazykin, Jayne Bellyk, Michelle Berns, Barbara Best, Jordan Biren, Lulu Black, Donna Blackney, Kathryn Blackney, Richard Blackney, Jaques Bluett, Duane Bradley, Camille Breaux, Patrick Brooks, Catherine Brown, Melissa Brown, David Buck, Genevieve Buentello, Amy Camarillo, Bob Camp, Claire Cardwell, Alfred Cervantes, Jereann Chaney, Fumiko Chino, Hazuki Chino, Craig & Holly Cieslikowski, Lisa Cohen, Catherine Colangelo, Meade Collard, Barbara Cowart, Ella Craig, Molly Cumming, Kevin Curry, Stewart N. Davis, Kate & Jonathan Day, Margarita De la Vega-Hurtado, Alison de Lima Greene, Jason Dibley, Sicily Dickenson, Mary Dickson, Jim and Sandy D'Imperio, Cindy Bishop, East Sunset Heights Ass., Alice Epley, Ethan Epley, Susan Epley, Mark Everleth, Marion Fairbanks, Mark Fehrs-Haukohl, Sara & Carlos Fernandez, Kristin and William Flanagan, Kevin Flores, Christopher French, Arianna Garcia, Jennifer Garza, Molly Gochman, Adam Goldberg, Michael Gonzales, Mario Gonzalez, Liz Gorman, Holly Gracey, Donna Graham, Rob Greenstein, Nonya & Jonathan Grenader, Josephine Grover, Andrea Grover & Carlos Lama, Joanna Grover-Watson, Donald Harrison, Guy Harrison, Heather Harvey, Rachel Hecker, Mary & Jim Henderson, Patricia Hernandez, Douglas Hoffman, Vinod Hopson, Scott Howard, Robert Hughes, Fredericka Hunter, Alice Suzanne Ivey, Dawn Jackie Madison, Jan Johnson, Blackburn Jones, Toby Kamps, Patrick Keegan, Tracey Keegan, Brian Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Kempner, Carol Jean Kern, Kalyn Kimmel, Mike & Maria Kirby, Jeanne & Michael Klein, Katy Kleinhans, Kay Knippa, Julia Kovacs, Judy Kwon, Robin La Belle, David Lake, Lisa & James Lamb, Sorcha Landau, Leticia Loya, Mary Magsamen, Terry Mahaffey, Merrick Mainster, Nick Mann, Lorena Martinez, Benjamin Mason, Marie Masterson, Eileen Maxson, Connie McAllister, Robert McClain, Carol/Herman McDavid/Kluge, Jodi McLaughlin, Deborah McNulty, Adan Medrano, David Miller, Amelia Molina, Michelle Mower, Eric Mun, David Nelson, Lauri Nelson, Paul Nelson, Susan Nichols, Jessica Ninci, Alicia Nuzzie, Susan Osterberg, Nieros Oyegun, Sharad Patel, Steve Patlan, Nic Philips, Douglas Pickett, Archie Pizzini, Troy Powell, Heather Pray, Ian Price, David Purdie, Kelly Quarles, Lee Raymond, Leslie Raymond, Joey Jr. Romano, Nancy Sarnoff, Alice Savage, Leslie Scates, Lane and Robert Schultz, Kelly Sears, Beth Secor, Julie Shapiro, Jeff Shell, Maria Sicardi, Anton Sinkewich, Emily Sloan, Jane Smith, Margaret Smith, Scott Sparvero, Sharman Speed, Joanna Spitzner, Jenny Stark, Rand Steven, Shannon Stiles, Mary Lou Swift, Deborah Thomas, Emily Todd, Ttweak, Aaron Valdez, Audie Valls, Robert & Lillian Warren, Christine West, Michelle White, Whitten and Proctor Fine Art Conservatory, Allison Wiese, Gail & Jim Wiese, Casey Williams, Cary Wolfe, Amy Wright, Kyle Wright, Katherine & Mark Yzaguirre,

And thanks for the following mentions and sponsors:

Media Mentions:
CultureMap, The Houston Chronicle, SwampLot, Bad Lit, ESPN 97.5

SXSW, Hotel Sorella, Cyclone Anaya's, Shade Restaurant, Canopy Restaurant, Kiehls at Highland Village, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Crave Cupcakes, Block 7 Wine Company, 13 Celsius, Whole Foods Market, DiverseWorks, Cinema Bomar, Saint Arnold Brewery, Stockholm Vodka, treebeards Restaurant, Tacos A-Go-go, Worldfest Film Festival, Carnegie Mellon, Picture Me Perfect, Sinapps, CopyDotCom, Copy Craft Printers, Sharp Egg Design, Marisa Avelar Design, Judith Uzcategui design

Thank you all for your continued support.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Support Aurora

By now, you have probably heard that Aurora Picture Show is in the midst of a rough patch due to decreased grant funding, underwriting and our unfortunate break-ins. Despite an amazing year with stellar programming, innovative partnerships, and our best attendance, we have been hit.

You may be thinking that you would like to help, and are not sure how you can do it with your limited resources, but there are so many ways to support Aurora right now. We wanted to take a moment and give you the top ten ways you can help Aurora bounce back in 2010.

1. Make a general donation

2. Attend our shows and bring a friend

3. If you know a company or foundation or patron that might be interested in supporting Aurora, let us know. We are always looking for in-kind donations or new friends to help us grow.

4. Purchase a raffle ticket

5. Vote for us with the Chase Community Giving program

6. Buy gift memberships for your friends for the holidays

7. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and spread the word to your friends. Invite them to be fans and RT our posts. We also love to hear your reactions online!

8. Check if your employer gives matching gifts

9. Forward this blog article to friends

10. Shop for Aurora Purchase holiday gifts using Aurora's Amazon link