Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The internship program at Aurora Picture Show is an important part of our Education and Outreach initiatives.  By working with university students and aspiring film/art professionals, Aurora aspires to inspire and engage future arts leaders in the community. The Aurora internship program helps young professionals gain hands-on experience to help foster their future careers.  This Summer we welcome four new faces to our home. These young professionals will be part of the backbone of our office and programs.  You will see them at our events helping with event set-up, check-in and screening management.  Please say "howdy."  We adore them - and know that you will too!


Nathalie Phan is a full-time adventurer, part-time goof, determined ruler of the world, and repeat offender of enjoying life a little too much. College poor and personality rich, she resides in Austin, Texas where she attends St. Edward’s University as a Digital Media Management and Communication student. She is happiest when her creative capacities are used at a maximum level. Coming into college, Nathalie started a campus radio station (because why not?) and won various scholarships and awards for her leadership and community-oriented ambition. She commits to a values-led philosophy of life and strives to connect with others through her art and work. Some of her favorite things in life include ice cream, Houston, hypoallergenic cats, sweaty yoga, and micro-blogging.


Brandon Zech is a 19 year old student studying Art History at the University of Houston. He fell in love with video art after seeing Michael Robinson’s Light is Waiting and has wanted to learn more ever since. Brandon is highly involved with the Houston arts community and can regularly be found perusing museums and gallery openings. As an avid printmaker, he aspires to assist in a print studio later in his life. He can normally be found eating pizza at either Barry’s or CafĂ© Brazil.


Caitlin Little is an 18 year old born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. She is currently a sophomore studying at Tufts University and The School of The Museum of Fine arts in Boston. She plans to earn a degree in Fine Arts (film and photography) and Sociology with a focus on media and society.  Caitlin is intrigued with people and how they function in society. She likes to mix her keen interest in people with her films and photography.

 If there is an adventure or exploration offered you can find Caitlin to be signed up and excited to experience any thing new that may occur. One of her nicknames growing up was “The Go Go Girl” because she was always game to go somewhere, when they asked who wants to go, she always said “I’ll go, I’ll go!”

 To describe Caitlin in three words is a challenge but; imaginative, sociable, and explorer would help you understand her. Caitlin also enjoys collecting magnets, drinking chocolate milk, and eating all types of food!


Raised in Houston,TX , Katrina became interested in art at a young age which she pursued in high school interning and working at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston, and leading clubs at the Awty International School. Once
entering college, Katrina expanded her interest to film by taking cinema studies and production courses.  Currently a sophomore concentrating in Modern Culture and Media at Brown University,she has since served as a production assistant on two Brown produced student films, and works part time as a Media Production Assistant on campus. Her interests outside art include cats, novels, and green tea.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Intern Insights on Director Bill Plympton from Malik Waldon

My name is Malik Waldon and for the past seven months I have been an intern at Aurora Picture Show. Throughout my time here I have learned so much starting with learning how to use Final Cut X and editing Q&A video to organizing the video library and cataloging DVDs. While cataloging the DVDs I watched over 50 different film shorts. One of the directors that stood out to me the most was Bill Plympton, his films "Hot Dog" and "Guard Dog" are two of the funniest animated shorts that I’ve ever seen. The animations were spectacular, his skills with storytelling with dialogue-less film is what kept me interested.  While at Aurora, I was around cool people who knew a lot about old film. I’ve really enjoyed my time interning here, it’s been a good experience and I really appreciate them for letting me help out around the office.

Malik Waldon is a senior at Hightower High School taking part in their Digital Media Academy internship program.  Interns in this program are all seniors who have completed 3 years of training in media production and are able to go to internships as part of their curriculum bi-weekly. 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Intern Insights on "Mr. Foley" from Jonathan Correal

Aurora is launching a new blog feature from Aurora interns where they will be asked to contribute written reviews and insights into video works from the Aurora Video Library.  Our first insight comes from Jonathan Correal whose favorite film from the library archive was screened as part of "Percussive Illusions" partnership with Musiqa on January 12, 2013.

While working on the video database library at Aurora, I found a short film that really captured my attention. It was clever, funny and original, and lasted only 5 minutes. This film is called "Mr.Foley" and is written and directed by D.A.D.D.Y. Its based on a hospital patient Mr. Foley who has recovered from surgery and wakes up to a crowd in his room. An orchestra performing a dramatic piece, and two sound engineers producing foley effects, such as walking. He begins to panic and is rushed onto the rooftop of the hospital. I thought it was interesting how they used the theme of sound and moving images in this short film. What I realized is that a story so short and with a simple topic can be so energetic and entertaining. It inspired me to use a similar concept in my own new short film. Most people don't realize the value of audio in films, but if you were to watch your favorite movie muted you will notice things you never noticed when you watched before. Music and sound are very important to me and I will try to incorporate it into my films. -Jonathan Correal