Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Intern Insights on "Mr. Foley" from Jonathan Correal

Aurora is launching a new blog feature from Aurora interns where they will be asked to contribute written reviews and insights into video works from the Aurora Video Library.  Our first insight comes from Jonathan Correal whose favorite film from the library archive was screened as part of "Percussive Illusions" partnership with Musiqa on January 12, 2013.

While working on the video database library at Aurora, I found a short film that really captured my attention. It was clever, funny and original, and lasted only 5 minutes. This film is called "Mr.Foley" and is written and directed by D.A.D.D.Y. Its based on a hospital patient Mr. Foley who has recovered from surgery and wakes up to a crowd in his room. An orchestra performing a dramatic piece, and two sound engineers producing foley effects, such as walking. He begins to panic and is rushed onto the rooftop of the hospital. I thought it was interesting how they used the theme of sound and moving images in this short film. What I realized is that a story so short and with a simple topic can be so energetic and entertaining. It inspired me to use a similar concept in my own new short film. Most people don't realize the value of audio in films, but if you were to watch your favorite movie muted you will notice things you never noticed when you watched before. Music and sound are very important to me and I will try to incorporate it into my films. -Jonathan Correal

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