Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The First Interns of 2013

The internship program at Aurora Picture Show is an important part of our Education and Outreach initiatives.  By working with university students and aspiring film/art professionals, we hope to inspire and engage future arts leaders in the community. The Aurora internship program helps these young professionals gain hands-on experience to help foster their future careers.  This Spring we have more interns than ever with SIX total. These young professionals will be part of the backbone of our office and programs.

Please take a moment and meet our amazing volunteers:

My name is Jonathan Correal and I turned 21 in November. I'm currently interning at Aurora Picture Show in Houston. I have been studying for the past two years in Tallahassee, Florida and will be graduating from my associates by the end of this spring. I'm from Miami, and my nationality is Colombian. My dream is to one day become a director of the big screen. Since I was ten I've always had a passion for film, and I would go out with my friends make short movies. Today I'm an inspiring filmmaker who only wishes to learn and use the craft of filmmaking to tell my stories. I've been playing the guitar since I was 15. I enjoy watching all types of films, and learning new things about film. When I have time I like to sit down and write short scripts and stories. Overall I really enjoy Houston, but I'm planning on going back to Miami in March. So I hope to learn new things and experience new things as much as possible while being at Aurora

Stephanie Coloma is a 23 year old, Island Born, Texas Raised, Everything Enthusiast. Stephanie knows where she came from, knows where she is, but enjoys the fact that she doesn't know where she is going. She is currently studying Photography and Digital Media at the University of Houston and has already earned several prestigious awards throughout her career as an artist. These awards include the 1996 Best Thumb Art Drawing in Mrs. Warner's Class Award, both Overall Most Creative and Most Outgoing from Sugar Grove Elementary School in 1997 and Second Place in a Short Story competition in 1998 in which she earned a silver medal, a Houston Student Library card and a front page photograph in the Houston Chronicle. She considers her short story, "How The Tiger Got It's Stripes", her magnum opus. Outside of earning very prestigious artistic awards, Stephanie can be found buried in National Geographic magazines, spending way too much money on food, studying and loving the Portuguese language and culture, or exploring the cosmos. She's in love with Kyle Maclachlan and her favorite food is breakfast.


CT sees himself as a portrait artist. He ventures into all sorts of medium, be it drawing, printmaking, photography or video; what he’s trying to do is to capture portraits of himself and people around him in their truest form. His latest series involve photographs of himself as people’s bizarre assumptions about him. Besides making art, he also involves in baking awesome souffl√©, tiramisu and brownie.



Malik Waldon is a senior at Hightower High School taking part in their Digital Media Academy internship program.  Interns in this program are all seniors who have completed 3 years of training in media production and are able to go to internships as part of their curriculam bi-weekly.  Malik is helping digitize the Aurora Video Library as part of his internship.

Alyssa Stephens is a full time artist and part time educator from Houston Texas. In spring of 2013 Alyssa will receive her BFA in photography and digital media from the University of Houston and aspires to continue her education in the near future. Currently, she works with cut paper and fabric to create small scale animations, but she enjoys dabbling in various mediums. In her free time Alyssa enjoys sipping tea, rummaging through dusty antique stores, cuddling with her french bulldog Moose, and anything crafty. 



We are also happy to welcome Trevor Southard as an intern this Spring.  He is an artist and a musician. And he did not turn in a bio. 

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