Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Meet our Summer Interns- Gisela and Amber

Each semester, Aurora hires two interns to take under our wing and show all the ins and outs of non-profit media arts administration.  Teaching them skills from promotions to event management, and even getting their assistance with managing the video library, Aurora provides students with an opportunity to bridge the gap between studying arts as a student and working as a professional.

This Summer we welcome Amber Bertin and Gisela Parker to our team. If you see them at the office, talk to them on the phone, or see them at a screening please say "Howdy!"



Hailing from a family steeped in Texas history, Amber chose to break with tradition and flee the infamous Texas heat for the snowy tundra of central New York state during her collage years. After spending a semester abroad in London and missing the comforts of Southern cooking, she decided to return to her hometown of Houston to intern with the Aurora Picture Show. When she isn’t projecting films on campus, Amber studies English Literature as well as Film & Media at Colgate University. She also enjoys snowball fights, spending time with her dog, and weekly trivia nights with her roommates at the local inn.


As a child, Gisela wanted to be an artist, a writer, and an astronaut. Now that’s she something resembling an adult, she’s both a photographer and a videomaker, which incorporates those first two dreams perfectly. She’s still working on the astronaut part, though NASA won’t return her calls.

Gisela is currently working on her BFA in Photography at the University of Houston, where she is learning more about digital media, video, and knife throwing. Being an intern at Aurora is very exciting, as it gives her the opportunity to learn more about video art and how it’s made. She’s been to a few Aurora events, and is excited to help with screenings in the future.