Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tips from Marcy Garriott

The Aurora staff were thrilled to host independent documentary filmmaker Marcy Garriott from Austin, this past Sunday. Marcy joined us for a dialogue on the challenges and rewards of independent documentary filmmaking, drawing on her 10 years of experience to cover topics such as selection of subject matter, production tips, collaboration & creativity, finding the story structure, and festivals & marketing. In addition to showing clips from some of her films -- Inside the Circle, and The Least of These; she also shared some useful resources for indie documentary makers out there. Here are some of Marcy's picks:

Directing the Documentary by Michael Rabiger

Documentary Storytelling for Film and Video Makers by Sheila Curran Bernard

Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go by Shaun McNiff

I Wake Up Screening: What to Do Once You’ve Made That Movie by Laura Kim

Story by Robert McKee

The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook by Mark Steven Bosko

Other useful sites she mentioned were the following:

Austin Film Society- “Docs-in-Progress” and “Narratives-n-Progress” programs. PLUS TFPF grants.
The Independent- print and web-based magazine
Independent Documentary Association
Independent Film Project
Center for Social Media- source of Fair Use Best Practices

Hope this is helpful for those who could not make it and stay tuned for Aurora's next Video Salon on "Title Designs in Film" with curator Peter Lucas in November.