Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wicked Awesome Summer Interns and Apprentices

The internship program at Aurora Picture Show is an important part of our Education and Outreach initiatives.  By working with university students and aspiring film/art professionals, we hope to inspire and engage future arts leaders in the community. The Aurora internship program helps these young professionals gain hands-on experience to help foster their future careers.  This Summer we have more interns than ever as we prepare for a significant move and also work to grow our youth education initiatives. These young ladies will be part of the backbone of this pivotal moment for the organization. Please welcome our new office interns and congratulate some of our past interns who have been promoted into an apprentice role for a specific program.

Read a little more about our interns and  apprentices in this blog and feel free to introduce yourself at the next event:


Office Intern
Gabrielle studies information technology, literature and contemporary art at Sarah Lawrence College. Before joining the Aurora Picture Show as an intern, she worked as a film department intern at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. During this time she was recognized for excellence in graphic arts and video production.  On campus, Gabrielle is an editor of Vanguard—a publication featuring interdisciplinary papers comprised of individuals dedicated to stimulating conversation about pedagogy on campus. In Houston, in the summertime, she is most likely to be found reading at the Menil with her labradoodle Judd, eating Indian food or attending yoga classes with her two sisters.

Office Intern
Paris Jomadiao is a Saudi-born Filipino raised in Texas. She dubs herself as a "conceptual lens-based media super villain" because the term "artist" really, really freaks her out. Regardless, she is in the process of earning her BFA in Photography & Digital Media at the University of Houston.  Despite being stuck in a love-triangle between photography & new media, her most current works are of stop-motion animations which she creates using paper cut-out compositions that she & her collaborative partner-in-crime, the enigmatic AFTK!, construct by hand.  She never really leaves home without at least one camera & will always prefer film grain over pixels. Paris likes to cook, bake, read excessively, eat excessively, watch films excessively, travel when she can, obsess over nerdy things, and waste time on the internet.