Thursday, May 23, 2013

Intern Insights on Director Bill Plympton from Malik Waldon

My name is Malik Waldon and for the past seven months I have been an intern at Aurora Picture Show. Throughout my time here I have learned so much starting with learning how to use Final Cut X and editing Q&A video to organizing the video library and cataloging DVDs. While cataloging the DVDs I watched over 50 different film shorts. One of the directors that stood out to me the most was Bill Plympton, his films "Hot Dog" and "Guard Dog" are two of the funniest animated shorts that I’ve ever seen. The animations were spectacular, his skills with storytelling with dialogue-less film is what kept me interested.  While at Aurora, I was around cool people who knew a lot about old film. I’ve really enjoyed my time interning here, it’s been a good experience and I really appreciate them for letting me help out around the office.

Malik Waldon is a senior at Hightower High School taking part in their Digital Media Academy internship program.  Interns in this program are all seniors who have completed 3 years of training in media production and are able to go to internships as part of their curriculum bi-weekly. 

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