Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Wee Devil of a Drinky Drink

You have to meet our dear friend Skip Elsheimer, the self-proclaimed A/V Geek of 16 mm educational, government and religious films. He’s back in town February 17 & 18 for Sin and Redepmption: A/V Geeks 16mm Mini Film Series.

Binge on Friday at the Drinky Drink screening hosted at my favorite watering hole Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company. Bring a lawn chair, doors open at 7pm.

Purge on Saturday back at the church with Creepy Christian Cinema at 8pm. We’re having a delicious bake sale so save room for dessert!

xxoo Aurora

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Andrea Grover said...

Skip always has me in stitches. I met him 6 years ago when he came to Houston for the first A/V Geeks show at Aurora. I didn't know what he looked like and had to pick him up at the airport. When asked to describe his appearance, he said "I'm chubby with freckles," just like so many characters in his educational films. I told him "I look like Sandy Duncan." And the friendship commenced.

Our first stop after the airport was the food court at Greenspoint Mall. Skip is an expert on food courts, but he was saddened that there was no Orange Julius. (Ask him about his competition to uncover the Orange Julius secret recipe.) After that we went to the Museum of Funeral History, and witnessed a gun safety educational film being shot, so-to-speak. Welcome to Texas.

Things you might not know about the Skipper: He used to do performance art (tee hee) under the name Wifflefist, he has a zine called Preparation X, and he owns several iguanas.