Monday, February 06, 2006

Nam June Paik 1932-2006

It is with mixed emotions - sadness and a bit of humor - that way say goodbye to the groundbreaking and often controversial videographer Nam June Paik who passed away at his Miami home at 8:00pm EST on Sunday, January 29th, 2006.

John Hanhardt, Guggenheim Museum of Art, Senior Curator of Film and Media Arts's quote is on Paik's homepage:

"Paik's journey as an artist has been truly global, and his impact on the art of video and television has been profound.To foreground the creative process that is distinctive to Paik's artwork, it is necessary to sort through his mercurial movements, from Asia through Europe to the United States, and examine his shifting interests and the ways that individual artworks changed accordingly. It is my argument that Paik's prolific and complex career can be read as a process grounded in his early interests in composition and performance. These would strongly shape his ideas for mediabased art at a time when the electronic moving image and media technologies were increasingly present in our daily lives. In turn, Paik's work would have a profound and sustained impact on the media culture of the late twentieth century; his remarkable career witnessed and influenced the redefinition of broadcast television and transformation of video into an artist's medium.

We shall meet again.... xxoo Aurora

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