Friday, June 02, 2006

Ethan the Greyhound (1994-2006)

Yesterday, June 1, was Ethan's last day with us. After his companion, Patti, died on May 1, Ethan's health rapidly deteriorated. Like an old married couple, one died right after the other.

Ethan Sleet was his racing name and his racing statistics are still on-line. He was a solid third placer a few times before a hip injury placed him in early retirement--lucky for us, because we adopted Ethan in 1996. Ethan was the first canine resident of Aurora, and is best known for actually being able to say "Aurora." We had visions of Ethan saying Aurora at every screening, but when we actually tried our pet trick before a live audience, Ethan just wandered down the aisle looking for lovin'. Apparently, he didn't like to show off.

Two of the finest pets ever, Ethan and Patti R.I.P.


Eri-Eri said...

I really love dogs!! the big ones!!! im so sorry for your lost!! Ethan is in "Dog's Heaven"
I know how it feels lost your dog!!
I will go tonight to the "Found Magazine Performance"
Take care!!

Dan Winckler said...

Awww. They were such sweet dogs -- and a big help when we were setting up for the Share jam. ;) It's hard to care for a sick pet (my own dog lived to almost 16 or 17 and was in bad shape towards the end). I was overwhelmed by how caring you were to them in their last days.

dog food sugar said...

I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Willy and I (and the dogs of 1212 Peden) have been thinking of you all.

tria said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of Ethan and Patti. I have fond memories of both of them.

I also have an adopted ex-racer, Cookie, and can vouch for the wonderful qualities of greyhounds. How wonderful that these found a loving home for so many years.