Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Interns Rock Aurora!

As another semester at Aurora has come and gone, we have welcomed a new intern, but we have been so busy with all things Aurora that we have not had a moment to share all the changes in our internship program.  Since last semester we have promoted Tara to a part-time position as our Membership Associate and given a going away pizza party for Summer intern Ariana, but we are not done there. We have had two other changes in our intern army.

Ashley remains with us for another semester in an advanced intern position as an apprentice helping us with all our non-profit responsibilities, and even learning more about development.  She keeps our sweet tooth happy and brightens our day with her smiles and yellow dresses.

We are also pleased to welcome Sinai Tirado to our team.  Sinai relocated along with her family to Houston at a young age from her native country of Venezuela, but continues to retain the festive tendencies, salsa loving, and flavorful traits of her culture. When not working on video and independent film projects, she spends her time stomping away to the passionate beats of flamenco music, trying new restaurants around the city, or making plans to travel. Her goal is to one day intertwine her love of media and travel to collaborate in various production projects around the world.

Not sure what we would do without these lovely ladies helping us out at events, especially Media Archeology where they glistened alongside the staff with all the set-up needs.

Thank you Ashley and Sinai! We miss you Ariana!  Belated congratulations to Tara too!  Our interns really do rock.

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