Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet Summer 2014 Aurora Helper Bees

This Summer we are buzzing with activity and thanks to the help of an army of interns, the staff plan to keep our cool.  Each semester Aurora welcomes a fresh crop of young faces as interns. In exchange for their support with administrative responsibilities, office management and events, we offer them hands-on experience as a non-profit media arts professional.  This semester, we are happy to announce that we have FIVE helper bees.  If you have not yet met them at Aurora function, then please do say hello the next time that you join us!

Meet our Summer 2014 Intern Army:

Jacinta Molina
Senior Office Intern
After being a top-notch intern this past semester, we decided that we just could not let Jacinta go.  So Jacinta is a rare intern that we are keeping on for a second semester as a Senior Office Intern. 
I am Jacinta Molina, Fine Artist graduated from La Universidad Nacional de Colombia. My artistic creation has been mostly video art and drawing. But, I do whatever the idea needs to come alive. Currently, I am studying Film Making in the Houston Community College and I have learn many technical strategies in the video production; nevertheless,  I was starting to miss the artistic  perspective and happily I found Aurora Picture Show as  an act of fate, and based in the time I been here I can feel that my learning process will be very interesting and inspirational.  I am a lover of the audiovisual language and I spend big part of my time watching films. I do like poetry in all its possibles forms and being outside.

Marielle Brisbois
Office Intern
Marielle Brisbois, born in Houston and raised in Dallas, is a Senior at Rice University studying Film, Photography, and Psychology. Her inspiration comes from observing people and finding a way to capture raw emotion in a single image. Marielle is excited to gain first-hand professional experience working as an intern at Aurora Picture Show. Deeply passionate about the homeless community throughout Houston, her spare time is spent learning their aspirations and struggles, and then creating photographs to tell their story. She also enjoys playing pickup basketball, binging on Netflix, and anything hip-hop related.

Kirby Sokolow
Office Intern
Kirby Sokolow is a recent graduate of Wesleyan University. Although she studied Religion, she found herself dedicating all of her free time to the arts, particularly theater and film production. During her senior year, after working on an independent feature, she realized that film was a career path she wanted to take. As a lover of film and non-profit work as well as a newcomer to the scene, she felt connected to Aurora’s mission of promoting appreciation of moving image art, its dedication to working with local artists, and especially its education programs. Kirby aspires to become a writer/director but also to involve herself with projects that explore communities and that promote community service and awareness. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, photography, watching countless Friends re-runs, reading a good ethnography, and baking all things chocolate.

Maddison Hughes
ExxonMobil CSJP Summer Filmmaking Apprentice
Maddison Hughes is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in communications and will receive her bachelor’s in Radio-Television-Film in 2015. She is honored to be a part of Aurora’s esteemed summer program and couldn’t be more excited to help further inspire (and be inspired by) young enthusiasts who share her passion for the craft of filmmaking, storytelling, and the power of the moving image. A native Houstonian, Maddison is thrilled to be able to spend her summer in the city that she was born and raised, and, at the same time, work within her chosen field and participate artistically to contribute to the rich culture that the city of Houston exemplifies. Outside of film, Maddison is a copious consumer of overpriced food and evocative literature, and is constantly craving the company of crodgity old women. 

Emma Gobillot
West University Special Project Intern
Emma Clare Gobillot is a 17-year-old rising senior from St. John’s School in Houston, Texas. Previously, she has worked as a Production Assistant on the independent film Clinger and is currently the Video Editor of The Review, the student newspaper of St. John’s School. Emma is excited for her internship with Aurora Picture Show and all of the new experiences it will bring. Emma also runs her own video production service, Emma Gobillot Productions, and writes on her film blog Framed. When Emma is not interning or watching movies, she enjoys working out, baking, and hanging out with her friends. 

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