Monday, March 13, 2006

More of Us to Love

Aurora is delighted to welcome Barna Kantor to our growing team. A renowned moving image artist and the founder of several arts nonprofits, Barna is taking on the facility and technology management role at Aurora.

Terra Cognita Cinematexas 10 describes Barna’s work… “Kantor integrates found objects into installations that have the slick feel we’ve come to expect from digital art, but with a difference. Kantor isn’t interested solely in the projected image that is shackled to cinematic media, but also in the machine that makes the projection possible. For the past two years, Kantor has been building projectors. His machines are drawn in part from the history of cinema.”

Meet Barna at Aurora’s Media Archeology: Software Cinema , April 19-23. Details on the website calendar at.

Images of Barna Kantor's work:
Construction Site
Festival 2004

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