Saturday, September 16, 2006

Aurora Staff Sighting in Oregon

From September 10-14, 2006, the Aurora staff (Melissa, Delicia, and Andrea) went on retreat to the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Oregon. Told through photos on Aurora's Flickr site is the story of their profound bonding experience, plus drinking, pool playing, and WHITE GRAVY. The retreat was conducted by NAMAC and The Learning Commons, and focused on leadership styles/learning styles. If you can guess each of our Learning Styles (Theorist, Pragmatist, Reflector, or Activist) we'll give you a free All Access pass to Aurora for one year (that's free admission to all $5 screenings). First correct reply wins!


Marisa said...

Andrea - Reflector

Melissa - Pragmatist

Delicia - Theorist

I should win since I am the only one who reads!!

Andrea Grover said...

Thanks for playing. You got one out of three correct:

Delicia is indeed a THEORIST.

Feel free to try, again (since you are our only reader).

Scott said...

Andrea - Activist

Melissa - Reflector

Delicia - Theorist

- Scott (Mr. Marisa)

And I'm sure lots of people read, they just don't comment!!

Andrea Grover said...

So sorry, Mr. Marisa. Please play again!

Big hint: Delicia and Andrea are the same.

Little hint: Melissa acts quickly.

james said...

hey, people read!

ron p. said...

Andrea - Theorist

Melissa - Activist

Delicia - Theorist

It's a no-brainer now, but I hated to leave the question hanging (I'm a Theorist, too).

Andrea Grover said...

Congratulations to Mr. Ron P, a talented theorist of the finest order.

Tell him what he's won, Bob.

Mr. Ron P., you've won an all access pass to Aurora Picture Show! Please call Melissa at the Aurora HQ and we will hook you up. 713-868-2101.