Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Grover Creates a Phantom

Aurora Founder Andrea Grover (aka boss lady to us) has spread her curating wings to New York and is taking no prisoners as she shows the big apple just how it's done. Grover has created a show for Apexart gallery entitled "Phantom Captain: Art and Crowdsourcing", dealing with the new trend in "user" made art. The show runs Wednesday, October 18 to Saturday, November 25, 2006 and features some names Aurora fans may recognize such as Jeff Howe, Peter Edmunds, Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, Aaron Koblin, Davy Rothbart and Allison Wiese.

Watch out NYC - Grover can not only tango with the best in media arts, but can balance a two-year old on her shoulder while running a projector, and can take down some talented opponents (or Aurora staff) in a mean pool game too.

For those of you who need more Grover, like everyone does, there is more info on the Phantom Captain exhibit, here.....

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Fumiko Chino said...

wait... gigi is 2 already? damn! where have i been???